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I wanted to make authentic wood-fired pizza. My struggle ended with the creation of

the Pizza-Porta.



A friend got a wood-fired pizza oven. The parties he had in his backyard were fantastic.  Make a couple pizzas, have a glass of wine, decide what to make next, and then make a couple more. He never thought twice about stone temperature, heat escaping, vent settings, getting the pizza off the peel, or burning the hair off his arm.  He put the pizza in a hot oven and checked it a couple times.  When it was done, he pulled it out - simple.

My experience was different on the Big Green Egg®. I managed to get it right occasionally, but it was usually stressful and inconsistent.  Worse, sometimes I burned the bottom of a pizza that a guest had painstakingly created!  And, once one pizza is burned on the bottom, I couldn't get the heat back in line to cook more.  

This started my journey to make authentic wood-fired pizza in my BGE.  My first observation was that it is impossible to keep temperature consistent when opening and closing the lid. Plus, the rise properties of good dough are sensitive to any temperature fluctuations. To make it even more challenging, pizzas cook faster or slower based on their ingredients.  If tiny details like the PH of the water in NYC impact the quality of pizza, imagine the impact that a 150F degree temperature swing in the middle of a cook can do! There had to be a way to make an already awesome cooking device more awesome for artisan, wood-fired pizza at 600F-700F degrees.    

The Pizza-Porta harnesses the great cooking properties of a kamado style grill by capping off the top and providing an oven door. This keeps all the heat in the dome, balancing the top and bottom heat sources, maintaining airflow temperature control, and providing access to place, check and retrieve pizzas. Our continual testing demonstrates that our temperature control works. If we can keep the temperature steady for 50 pizzas, your Friday night pizza party will surely go smoothly. The Pizza-Porta gives you ultimate cooking and temperature control. 

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