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The ultimate goal is to consistently pull beautiful pizzas like this out of a Big Green Egg® or Kamado Joe® .  The cheese is melted, the crust has just the right amount of char around the edge and the bottom is perfectly toasted.  Yes, you can cook pizza in these kamado style grills, but for them to be spectacular you have to get the time, temperature and configuration exactly right.  And, I did not want to burn any of the pizzas I had worked so hard to get into the oven (especially when a dinner guest put it together).

The challenge I faced is that it is impossible to keep temperature control when opening and closing the lid. Plus, the rise properties of good dough are sensitive. And, pizzas cook faster or slower based on their ingredients.  There had to be a way to make an already awesome cooking device more awesome for artisan, wood-fired pizza.    

Getting all the tiny details right was the challenge. Our continual testing at shows is an indication that the temperature control works. If we can keep the temperature steady for 50 pizzas, your Friday night pizza party will surely go smoothly.  The Pizza-Porta gives you ultimate cooking and temperature control. 

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