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Double Your Pleasure with an RCL Double rack

I had an huge epiphany when developing the Pizza-Porta.  Just like stacking ribs or butts when you are cooking for a crowd, you can stack layers of pizza in the Large Egg! The Pizza-Porta door was actually expanded along the way to add access for a second tier rack. This added space for a second pizza actually makes the capacity equivalent to a 36-40 inch wood-fired pizza oven. We use a double rack for events and catering (and when lots of people show up for a pizza party!)

Wood Fired oven configuration









The Pizza-Porta creates even temperatures in the oven chamber so a double rack would cook each pizza at about the same rate. By opening the door you can check the progress of each pizza without impacting the temperature.  I wanted to tackle a couple of challenges when developing a new double rack specifically for the Pizza-Porta.

The Challenge:  Make a rack that is customized for the Pizza-Porta with a couple additional features:

  • Added width between the front legs to clear a 12″ wooden pizza peel
  • Align the height so the top and bottom stone have equal access through the door
  • Add a backstop
  • Bonus – it folds so it is easy to store!

The Result:







This three-leg stand holds 2 of the 14″ BGE pizza stones at the optimal height for the Pizza-Porta.  The feet of this rack sit on the fire ring, so that it will straddle the platesetter placed with legs facing up.








The three legs are precisely cut from heavy stainless steel to accommodate a wider peel.

By arranging the features carefully and pivoting in the center, the legs nest to make a compact, folded stack for storing.









The Rear center leg is extended up to serve as a backstop for the top and bottom pizza stones so that pizzas are not accidentally pushed off the back.








This is our first rack design.  This one is specific to the Large BGE and will not fit the KJ or other grills.  Let me know if you would be interested in a rack for those grill configurations.  I love to solve grilling challenges, please share yours.


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