FAQ page

Does it Fit?

No the Pizza-Porta is designed for a hinged ceramic grill. The diameter is about 20 inches.

The Large Big Green Egg has been consistent for many years, so the Pizza-Porta should fit as long as you have the spring hinge, and not the old prop arm hinge.

Yes, the Pizza-Porta fits the Kamado Joe Classic size.

No – The Vision grill is a larger diameter so the current sized Pizza-Porta does not fit – stay tuned and subscribe to this site. We will let you know when additional sizes are available.

Yes – It is available in the online store.

Yes, The Pizza-Porta does fit these grills. Gasket material may need to be added on the bottom of the Pizza-Porta.

Pizza-Porta has been tested on the Big Green Egg(R) Large, Kamado Joe(R) Classic, Big Steel Keg (Bubba Keg), and the round Primo Grill. With an added gasket kit it fits on the Grill Dome large.

Yes, the unit fits. To install, hold the lid about 8 inches high and slide the Pizza-Porta into  place.  Lower the lid and center the unit.

No, the hinge pivot point is significantly different from the past model.  A new Pizza-Porta version is in the works.

How do I?

Open the Pizza-Porta door and look at the edge of the crust, or lift the edge and peek underneath.

For the old Large BGE hinge, open your grill and hold the Pizza-Porta against the open top, and then lower the top and the Pizza-Porta together at the same time. When removing, lock the latch, lift the Pizza-Porta and the lid together.  For the new BGE hinge, hold the lid open about 8 inches and slide the Pizza-Porta in from the front.  For the Kamado Joe classic, just place the Pizza-Porta on the base and lower the lid down on top of the Pizza-Porta.

Before you put the raw pizza on the peel, make sure your dough is dry to the touch on the bottom. If it is sticky you need more flour. Sprinkle a pinch of corn meal on the peel. Place the raw pizza on the peel (wood is preferable for raw pizza). Stick the peel all the way into the oven and then tilt and shuffle the peel so the far edge lays on the stone. Then shuffle the pizza peel out from under the pizza.

You need a couple of elements inside of the BGE. First, a way to block the radiant heat from the fire, second, a surface to cook on, and third, a heat break. We recommend using the plate setter legs down placed with one of the legs toward the front. Then, you need to add something that will not transmit heat, like aluminum foil balls, or the grate, or some other item (not ceramic) that will isolate the plate setter. On top of this you will need a heavy pizza stone. If you are using a single stone, we recommend that you raise it an inch or so above the level of the felt to get the pizza up into the hot dome.

Once you get this working, it seems so easy.  Pizza dough is not like cake dough.  The outside should be kind of dry and springy to the touch.  If the dough sticks to your hands, it will glue itself to the pizza peel.  Add flour on the outside of the dough until it is not sticky. Don’t fold the dough into itself at this point, keep the skin on the outside. Put a sprinkle of flour or corn meal on the pizza peel. Stretch the dough out to the size you want and place it on the peel.  Now you can top the pizza with your favorite toppings – but don’t take too long.  Just before putting the peel in the oven, jostle it slightly to see if it will slide. Now place the head of the peel fully into the oven and jiggle it while pulling it out from under the pizza.  (Don’t toss the pizza into the oven like a shovel load of coal).

Sometimes the dough will stick in one spot.  Here are two tricks: 1) lift that spot and throw flour under. 2) Lift the edge of the dough and blow a small puff of air under the pizza.

The Pizza-Porta is high grade Stainless Steel and aluminum. If you would like to polish it, we recommend ‘Barkeepers friend’ stainless cleaner and a soft cloth.  Make a paste and rub it on the parts you want clean. Leave the paste for a few minutes and then wash off. Clean the handle with mild soap and apply cutting board oil, tung oil, or other wood preservative to protect the wood. DO NOT apply stickers or stainless steel refrigerator enhancers as the high heat will burn them.

We have had great luck with the Big Green Egg, and the Kamado Joe branded stones for the Large (18″) size grills. They are thick, durable, and hold up very well.  We can not recommend the 21″ stone for the XL Big Green Egg.  It is too large and blocks the heat from getting up and around to the dome. (If you have one of these stones, you must space it up high in the dome and put foil or an aluminum pizza pan below it to deflect heat from the bottom and allow it to come around the side.  Thin, oven stones break when exposed to high heat.

What is the best way to?

A peel that is 12 inches across is a great size for the Pizza-Porta. Wood peels are best for placing raw pizzas, and metal peels are best for pulling out hot pizzas.

To create variety and allow your guests to participate, we recommend using 8 oz doughs and plan on making one pizza for every 2 people. This will give the crowd input into the ingredients, and encourage sharing!

The Big Green Egg and other brands are kamado style grills that are fantastic for cooking many things. Like other accessories, a Pizza-Porta takes the structure of the Egg and tweaks it for a specific cooking environment. The Pizza-Porta allows the top vent to be closed off to not only retain the heat, but to heat the dome even more. This cooks the top of the pizza with radiant energy. The door on the front lets you place and check to see if the pizza is fully cooked without losing heat. The vents create an airflow across the pizza for convection heating. So, no, you don’t have to have a Pizza-Porta to make a pizza on the Egg. But if you want to make evenly cooked pizzas in 4-5 minutes, one after the other, like a wood fired oven this is the accessory for you! See our blog post on this topic: here

A full load (fill the fire-box and the fire ring) will last at least 3 hours.  We have used different charcoal with different results.  Our longest lasted 4:30 at 600F and our shortest was 3:00 at 600F before starting to drop in temperature.  The age of the egg, number of pizzas, number of times the door is open will all have an effect.  Your results may vary.