Why, Why, Why...

I am Cortlandt Minnich, the inventor of the Pizza-Porta.

I am a huge fan of Kamado style cooking.  I grew up with Dad's early version of the Big Green Egg® back in the 1960's.  More recently in my own back yard, I was happily experimenting and perfecting Butts, Turkeys, Steaks and other standard fare.  And then it happened.  A friend bought a full blown wood-fired brick pizza oven for his backyard.

I noticed three things:

1) A wood-fired pizza oven makes wonderful pizzas!  2) A pizza party is a fantastic thing. It is not like typical Big Green Egg® cooking where all cooking is done and the fire is out before the party starts.  The oven is burning, friends are gathered around the hearth talking, drinking wine.  As you create and cook pizzas, each one initiates a new wave of excitement.  When you pull a piping hot pizza out and place it on a cutting board in front of a group you are a hero. 3) A real wood-fired pizza oven is really big and expensive.

So, given that my Big Green Egg will cook at high temperatures, and it is a radiant dome design just like a brick oven there had to be a way. I began trying to make great wood-fired pizza.  The challenge was the consistency. Sometime it was underdone on top, sometimes the bottom was black, and occasionally the pizza was ok.  That was not acceptable for me. First, cooking a pizza on the Egg was like driving a submarine - a stopwatch and a thermometer - with no visual.  This is a real challenge for pizza which you cook by eye.  Second, I couldn't control the temperature because opening the lid changed everything. Third, even when the pizza was done, it did not have that light, airy, crust that experienced from a wood-fired oven. The worst part was that I was completely stressed out worrying about what I would find when I lifted the lid. A pizza party was exhausting.

So, thanks to multiple handmade cardboard and metal prototypes, a lot of geometry review, a friend who is a great pizza maker, and a patient wife -

I bring you Pizza-Porta™



So, what is going on here that is different than just using a pizza stone?

  • Unlike a Boston butt or a turkey, pizza only cooks for a few precious minutes.  Dough likes to heat up at a consistent rate without interruption. Pizza-Porta keeps the heat in so the pizza enters a consistent heat chamber.
  • The temperature is steady in the Pizza-Porta from one pizza to the next. And, by trapping the heat in the dome, the temperature is balanced above and below the pizza, so the top and bottom cook at the same rate.
  • The Pizza-Porta allows you to fuss with your pizza - just like your favorite pizza chef.  Open the door and turn it, pull it out to check it, put it back in for a second, lift it up into the dome for that final sear. You have the ability to control exactly how you want to cook each pizza.
  • The Pizza-Porta allows you to choose your cooking temperature - The door and vents allow you to dial in the temperature. Bread cooks at 350-400 degrees, thick crusts pizzas may cook better at 500 degrees, thin Neapolitan are better at 700 degrees - control the airflow and you control the temperature.  Dough is so much better when cooked at temperatures beyond a home wall-oven.   
  • Using the Pizza-Porta also delivers a couple benefits I didn't anticipate.  Controlling the temperature controls the fuel consumption.  You can cook pizza for hours while you entertain friends - just like that big wood-fired brick pizza oven.  Also, opening a small door does not fully ventilate the fire so you are at much lower risk of a flashback - keep those eyebrows! 
  • The Pizza-Porta was designed to be versatile. You control how the interior is configured.  Use your current pizza stone setup, add lifters or spacers under the stone if you like, use different size pans.  And, the door was designed just big enough to hold 2 stones so you can cook 2 pizzas at a time.    

I hope you enjoy.  Cortlandt


Oh, by the way, I do not use clip art on this site.  Photographers vary, but all pizzas were made in a Pizza-Porta.   

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