Meet the Team

I am the tinkerer who started this whole idea. After experiencing the fun of a backyard pizza cooking party, I had to re-create that in my backyard. My BGE had all of the right features: a domed top, thick walls, and high temperature range. But, making pizza was a complete nightmare for me. The first one was ok, but not great.  The second pizza turned out really well.  The third was a disaster because the bottom was black. And then there was no way to recover and make a fourth.  I went into the garage with a bunch of weird parts and started experimenting. The pizzas got better and better with each iteration. I decided that if we could get 10 people interested enough to share their name, email, and contact information at the Pensacola Eggfest, I would start the business. Done...  I have done product development in corporations for many years, but found there is nothing like the thrill of doing it all yourself.  I am grateful to some incredible friends and family who have cooked, carried, purchased, cheered, pushed, listened, argued, and generally supported this venture. I am also thankful for the community of folks who make rubs, jellies, accessories, and associated gadgets!  You have been an incredible resource along the way.   

We were college roommates "a few" years ago. Ben is the pizza guy who kicked off all of this madness.  He purchased a "Garden Oven" years ago in the UK and got the pizza cooking bug.  After moving back to the US, he purchased a giant, beautiful, wood fired oven for his backyard.  He was making dough and teaching us to appreciate simple ingredients on home-made pizza. The pizza cooking parties were great fun.  Create a pizza, cook it for only a few minutes, and then sit and enjoy it. Then, create the next pizza and put it in the oven.  Our kids started stretching their own dough and creating new and different pizzas. We learned how easy it is to make pizza with a few simple tricks.  He and I are out to demystify pizza making in the backyard.  It is fun, easy, healthy, and one of those activities that attracts friends and family to your home.  

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