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My burnt offering to the Pizza gods.

So, unfortunately I did it.  I threw a virgin into the volcano.  While cooking a pizza on the top stone of the Roswell Rig, a beautiful half-cooked pizza went off the back and down in flames. Devastating!

I am a problem solver so I love to create solutions for this kind of problem.  Here are a couple of recommendations for those of you with a Roswell rig in your BGE.  I spend some time at Lowes touring the aisles looking for a solution – Here are a couple of items that will neatly slide onto the rear upright in the back to keep a pie from sliding off the back.










The first is a “found object”. I don’t know what this was in the bottom of a bin of spare parts, but it is heavy extruded aluminum and fits over the vertical wire and it is 3.5 inches long – perfect and free!










Second runner up is the sleeve off of a concrete anchor bolt.  Just remove the nut, pull off the sleeve and use it over the vertical wire. $1.31 well spent and no cutting required.










The base can be bent around the wire to hold it in place.









With the stone in place it sticks up high enough to keep your pizza from sliding off the back







The third item I found is 1/4 by 7-1/2″an aluminum body turnbuckle.  Just remove the zink coated ends and use the aluminum center piece.  Just $1.78 and you get to keep leftover parts.











Just thread/hammer it on the wire.








With the stone in place it makes a great vertical backstop.








Finally, two other options – Small 1/4 ID copper pipe cut to the length that you want.  You can use pliers or a vice to crimp it so that it stays in place.









At REI later in the day, I found an aluminum tent pole splint that is just the right size.  This is the high cost route at $4.95, but it is a cool red color until you cook with it a few times.










So, learn from my misfortune and put a riser on the back upright of your Roswell rig to protect pizza from sliding off the back. Oh and if you do lose one off the back, just let it burn off.  In a few minutes the smoke will clear and you will not have risked burning your hands.

Good Luck – Send pictures!

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