Pizza Ingredient Recipes

There are hundreds of great pizzas out there.  I have included a few here that we have served at events and our own back yard. This page should get you started. All pizzas shown were of course cooked in a Pizza-Porta. 

For dough recipes click HERE 


Fig and Pig - or - Girl's night out

Great flavors combine to make a fantastic unconventional pizza.  

Start with a thin base of EVOO (extra virgin Olive Oil)

Spread or put pats of Fig Preserves (select a less sweet version like white fig)

Dollops of cheese - 1/2 Goat Cheese and 1/2 Fresh Mozzarella

Toasted Pecans (girls night out) - or - Proscuitto (Fig and Pig)

After cooking, top with Arugula and Balsamic glaze

Thank you Carrie for the moniker!

Simple Margherita

The classic Neapolitan pizza.  (The pizza to judge a pizza chef) 

Tomato sauce base

Fresh mozzarella

Sliced Tomatos 

Basil leaves

EVOO drizzle

There are variations = A white version with EVOO instead of the tomato sauce.  Some people prefer chopped tomatoes. 



This is Kaylee's special pizza

We had a friend of the family over and she showed us this awesome combination.

Spread a base of EVOO on the raw crust

Fresh Mozzarella

Sweet Italian Sausage

Dabs of Riccotta Cheese 

Raw spinach leaves

Finish with some ground Parmesan 



Rosemary White

We started making this pizza years ago and it just keeps impressing. The aroma of this pizza cooking may be the best part. If you go light on toppings the crust will bubble and shine through.

Base of EVOO

Roasted garlic - 4-5 cloves or 6-7 if you are adventurous

Fresh Mozzarella

White Onions

Chopped fresh rosemary

Shredded chicken


Optional - ricotta cheese, and/or, sun dried tomatoes, and/or roasted tomatoes  


Decidedly Vegetarian

Simple combination of vegetables keeps this pizza simple and tasty.

Tomato Sauce base


Peppers - red, yellow, green

Roasted Tomatoes

Fresh Mozzarella


Bam - You have to make Pepperoni

The basic pepperoni pizza is just shredded mozzarella and pepperoni. If you want to make a memorable version, here are some ideas.

Use Capocolo, Soppressata, or other salami variations.  Or, getting pepperoni from the deli sliced thin makes a huge difference.

For cheese, you can choose additional variants that will add a bit of fun to your creation.  Pecorino, Asiago, Fontina, or even a little cheddar can help create your trademark Pepperoni variant.

Finally, note that the pepperoni in this photo is on top of the cheese. This will make the pepperoni a bit crunchy. Experiment with your placement.  Take care overloading with pepperoni as it can be a bit too oily.  


Tomato Pie

This isa recipe that our great friend and star photographer Tim created.  This is a decadent cheese with tomato and onion.

Light coating of EVOO

Caramelized onions 

Burrata Cheese - A 2-3 oz ball.  Add some fresh mozzarella for additional coverage

Roasted Tomatoes


Breakfast Pizza

This wasn't a crowd pleaser, it was a crowd shocker. The quail eggs are a bit tricky to get onto the pizza (use scissors), but well worth it!

Base of EVOO

Caramelized onions

Fresh Mozzarella

Bacon (precooked) (Or breakfast sausage is great too)

4 or 5 Quail eggs. These are added when the pizza is about half cooked.  Pull the pizza to the doorway and pour the eggs on one at a time.  Return to complete cooking.

Variant - We used a Galangso Espresso BBQ sauce as a base for an added kick.