Eggtoberfest 2017

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How could we compete with the fun we had cooking with the All-Star Big Green Craig team last year?  Start with a few Bloody Mary's and....  No, wait, we had to plan first. And make dough, lots and lots of dough.  As the plan came together we had a couple Pizza-Porta owners who wanted to do some cooking of their own.  Then, we found out the guys at Local Pie, the number one Pizza restaurant on Hilton Head Island, were available to show what pizza professionals can do with a Pizza-Porta.  We decided to link these together and make a pizza piazza at Eggtoberfest.  This is a little picture story of the event.  We got so busy cooking, we did not do a great job with photos! As some of you saw in my posts, the dough making started on Wednesday evening using Peter Reinhart's recipe, and required the appropriate beverage choice. Then, we made dough on Thursday, and then we made some more on Thursday night.


Friday night we enjoyed some tasty BBQ with a little help from my Flame Boss and Lane's Classic rub.  We also did some final recipe testing on our Pizza menus (an excuse to cook some pizza with shortribs).

Eggtoberfest warmup

We set our alarms and got up super early to pack and trek out to Stone Mountain.  Our team of Backyard Pizza Chefs did a fantastic job setting up and taking pictures.  Please check out the backyardpizzachefs Facebook page and www.backyardpizzachefs website.  We want to create a space for information on pizza cooked on the BGE or Kamado Joe.

backyardbooth Eggtoberfest.jpg
Backyard Pizza Chefs team

And the Pizzas that were created in these three booths were amazing.  I walked around checking on the oven temperatures and it turned out that each booth settled on a different temperature.  Local Pie was cooking their 00 dough at 750-800F, the Pizza-Porta booth was running 675, and the backyard team ran at about 625. It was interesting to see the results. The only Egg that got refueled was the Local Pie booth that cooked 50 pies in total. We ran about 4 hours on our initial load of charcoal.

Shoutout to Unicoi Preserves for sharing some of their Salted Carmel Peach preserves.

Unicoi preserves pizza.jpg
bbq chicken pizza .jpg

We were excited to see a huge crowd form before the gates opened - and then a T-Rex came and ate a bunch of, wait that didn't happen.  Pizza was enjoyed by hundreds and hundreds....and then some.

And we did collect a big pile of votes - thank you for all of those!

eggtoberfest pizza line
Some were more rustic than others!

Some were more rustic than others!

Eggtoberfest large Big green egg

Ben showed off our new double stone rack.

And when we ran out of dough we celebrated!

double pizza rack demo.jpg

Thank you to everyone who came to one of the three booths to taste pizza made in the Pizza-Porta.  Our professional chef team, team of owners, and company team thank you for all the great comments and appreciation for our hard work.  Now, if you have any ideas for next year, let us know.

Thank you to Lee and Sonny from Local Pie. Thank you Carrie, Tim, and Firmon on the Backyardpizzachefs team. Thanks to Maggie, Aiden, and Carter who got drafted to help. And, thanks to the Pizza-Porta team; Ben, Becca and my lovely wife.  This could not happen without all of you.