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The Pizza-Porta is a specialty product that converts a Big Green Egg or a Kamado Joe into an authentic pizza 0ven. Capping off the top retains the heat, and our patented door and airflow control keep the temperature under control. You will enjoy consistent, even temperatures for hours of pizza cooking or hearth baking. We have cooked over 5000 pizzas in a Pizza-Porta to validate the concept and demonstrate that pizzas are truly better when cooked with the balanced, steady, high temperatures this accessory permits.


How it Works:

Without the Pizza-Porta ®

How it works - without Pizza-Porta®

How it works - without Pizza-Porta®

The heat source of a kamado style grill is below the pizza stone.  The fire heats the plate setter, which heats the bottom of the pizza stone.  The dome is heated as the airflow rises and escapes through the chimney. The challenge is that the heat is exiting so rapidly that it is difficult to get the dome hot enough to cook the top of the pizza. As the temperature is increased over 450F the differential in temperature above and below the stone increases. With a high differential, the pizza stone burns the bottom of the pizza before the dome can cook the top. Opening the lid to add or check a pizza complicates temperature control even further because each time the dome is open 1) A significant amount of heat is lost,  2) The dome ceramic cools  3) The fire is fully vented, varying the temperature.

You can’t bake extraordinary pizza if you can’t control your oven.


Better temperature control with the Pizza-Porta ®

How it works - with the Pizza-Porta®

How it works - with the Pizza-Porta®

The performance difference is due to the modification of the cooking chamber. The chimney can be fully closed trapping all of the heat in the dome. This heats the ceramic of the dome, better balancing the high surface temperature of the pizza stone. Heat must also pass over the pizza to escape out the patented side vents creating convection cooking. Closing the door retains the control of airflow and therefore the control of the temperature.  All of these very specific details ensure that the cooking environment inside the oven is balanced top and bottom and consistent between pizzas. This balanced, controlled temperature chamber will make lighter, crispier crusts; whether it is one pizza or twenty.


Comments from customers:

I have had my BGE for 14 years and this was the easiest, stress free, and best pizza cook I have done. What a difference!
— Gil - Florida
My wife gave me grief when she saw it the first time. Then she tasted the PIZZA! No more complaints.
— Stephen, KY
Thanks Pizza-Porta for a new reason to love our backyard!
— Aubree - Mom with 3 kids
I didn’t think it would make that big of difference on one pizza. But after tasting the crispy crust, I am a believer.
— John - New England Egger
We are loving the Pizza Porta. It has been a game changer for a couple Chicagoans surrounded by a whole lot of NY transplants
— Tony - FL
You cracked the code with this thing. Why didn’t I think of this?
— Todd - Long-time Egger
This is the best pizza I have ever made on my “Egg”
— Joe - Texas
These are restaurant quality pies coming out of a backyard grill!
— Lee - Pizza restaurant owner
It is just simple physics - science wins again!
— Sue - Atlanta
I’m shocked at how much better a cook you get with the Pizza-Porta.  Beautiful, evenly cooked all around instead of undercooked toppings and overcooked bottom
— Tom - BBQ Blogger
With the pizza-porta it makes a normal everyday pizza taste like a fine expensive Italian pizza from Italy which most people would die for!
— Mike - Florida

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