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My burnt offering to the Pizza gods.

So, unfortunately I did it.  I threw a virgin into the volcano.  While cooking a pizza on the top stone of the Roswell Rig, a beautiful half-cooked pizza went off the back and down in flames. Devastating! I am a problem solver so I love to […]

Hiawassee Eggfest 2017

The Georgia Mountain Fairgrounds is the beautiful setting of the Georgia Mountain Eggfest.  This is the perfect place to have an Eggfest. We were excited to come back for our second year.                             […]

Pizza-Porta is only for multiple pizzas, right?

I am often asked if you only need the Pizza-Porta™ for cooking multiple pizzas. The improvements we made to the cooking chamber affect the first pizza, the third pizza, and the 20th pizza. Not only will the Pizza-Porta make one pizza like a wood-fired pizza restaurant, […]

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What people are saying

I’m shocked at how much better a cook you get with the Pizza-Porta.  Beautiful, evenly cooked all around instead of undercooked toppings and overcooked bottom.


“best damn pizza I ever put in my mouth”


“These are restaurant quality pies coming out of the Pizza-Porta.”


“You cracked the code with this thing. Why didn’t I think of this?”

Todd Destin

“Shut up and take my money!”

Chris Pensacola Eggfest

“Thank you for this wonderful invention”

Lee and Stephanie Atlanta

“It is so fun to make a bunch of pizzas for a party.”

Tim R Atlanta

“This is the best pizza I have ever eaten… uuuuhhh!”

Jess Eggtoberfest

“…this thing made pizza as good as the best pizza we’ve ever had. I can’t wait to see how it is once we really figure it out”

Tim CA

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