Fit Explanation

Fit is dependent upon the size of the grill and the position of the hinge point. The following grills have all been a confirmed fit. If you have a grill not listed, please send us a photo of the hinge from the side, and a measurement of the diameter.

Known Grills

Small BGE Model:

BGE MiniMax

BGE Small

Small KJ Model:

Kamado Joe - Joe Junior

Large BGE Model:

BGE Large

Large Older KJ and others Model:

Kamado Joe Classic - (without air hinge)

Big Steel Keg

Grill Dome Large

Monolith Kamado

Bayou Classic Cypress Cooker Kamado grill- 18.5 inch

Primo Round (18.5 inch round model)

Blaze Aluminum Kamado

Char Grill - Akorn

KJ Classic Model:

Kamado Joe Classic II with Air Hinge

XL Unit:

Big Green Egg XL

Big Joe:

Kamado Joe - Air Hinge Big Joe (working on pre-air hinge version)


We have a product pipeline for the following:


Primo Oval XL