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The Pensacola Eggfest marks the 1 year anniversary of the Pizza-Porta product.  I had been tinkering with a way to improve the results of my pizza-making in the egg for some time.  Last year I decided to "go-for-it".  We loaded up three hand-made prototypes and did our first cooking event.  Our test was having 10 people express sincere interest in the product.  If this happened we would take the next step (whatever that might be).  If not, we would enjoy pizza from the units we made and go home and do something else. When we got to the Eggfest, we were showered with attention.  People flocked to the booth asking questions, looking for details, and asking where to purchase. We got the signal we were looking for.  We also had people raving about the great character of the crust and taste of our pizza.  We kept hearing that the pizza was somehow better than their usual Big Green Egg Pizza.




This year we returned to the Pensacola Eggfest having cooked a couple hundred pizzas.  We also brought some units to launch Escambia Electric, the Eggfest dealer in Pensacola.  It was a great "homecoming" for us.  Thank you to the organizing committee and all of the volunteers who put this spectacular event together for the community.  We are humbled by the amazing impact that the Pensacola Eggfest has on this community.


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Our day was again filled with curious onlookers and eager taste testers.  We showed people how to stretch dough and how to load pizzas into the oven.  The pizzas again received fantastic feedback.  We earned pizza cred from quite a few skeptical fans who had never had pizza that good out of an egg (or as some said, even at a local pizza joint).  A steady, 650-700F degree oven does wonderful things to good pizza dough.  Thanks to all those who supported us for people's choice with their tips!  And thank you for your praise!

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We were then honored when we got called down for the award ceremony!  The Pizza-Porta Peelers team was awarded the "Spirit of Eggfest" award.  It was fantastic to be recognized, and we are grateful for the award.  I want to thank my ever-dedicated support team for shopping, making the trip, serving, busing, cleaning, and being fantastic friends.

Thank You Pensacola!

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