Placing the Large Pizza-Porta in various Grills

Grill Setup - Older BGE

Pour a full load of charcoal in - go ahead and cover that fire ring!  A full load of good charcoal will cook for 3.5 - 4 hrs at 600F. The setup inside the egg starts with the platesetter legs down, some pipe fitting, flower pots, balled aluminum foil or other non-conducting spacer.  Then, an aluminum pizza pan makes a great additional deflector below the pizza stone.  The idea is to keep the stone from overheating relative to the dome temperature.  The insertion of the Pizza-Porta is a bit unique in the older BGE hinge.  Hold the Pizza-Porta against the top and make sure the acorn nuts are inside of the dome.  Then, lower the dome and the Pizza-Porta together.  Remember to lift the Pizza-Porta with the dome to remove the unit after cooking.

All the parts 3.gif

One more point - The steel bands can shift though heating and cooling cycles.  Make sure that they are parallel at about 10mm apart all the way around the BGE. Check the tightness of the bolts from time to time as described in BGE literature.

Grill Setup - Kamado Joe Classic & Air Hinge

Pour a full load of charcoal in - go ahead and cover that fire ring!  A full load of good charcoal will cook for 3 hrs at 600F. The setup inside the KJ starts with twisting the divide and conquer system about 30 degrees so the deflector hanger is not straight front and back.  Then, place the deflector hanger on the top setting as shown. Add the two half moon deflectors, in the high setting and add the cooking grate. I then use an aluminum pizza pan or a round sheet of aluminum foil below the pizza stone.  The Pizza Porta is set in place and the lid lowered down on top.

KJ Setup.gif

BGE - New Large hinge

New BGE side spring hinge (like the XL hinge) - The setup is the same as the older BGE Large, but placing the Pizza-Porta is slightly different.

Adjust the top acorn screws all the way back in their slots.  Lift the lid halfway and slide the Pizza-Porta into place. Leave the Pizza-Porta slightly toward the front while lowering the dome.  When the dome is 1" above the Pizza-Porta, slide it toward the rear and the top retaining bolts will tuck inside the dome.

If this Pizza-Porta does not fit, check your hinge alignment.  The BGE spacers shown are 10mm/ 3/8" thick.

band adjust photo.png

Click Here for detailed video from BGE for adjusting the hinge. The plastic spacers ar 10mm (3/8”) thick.




KJ Air Hinge

The new KJ model is specifically designed to latch into the grill.  Place the Pizza-Porta so that the latch fits into the cutout underneath.

View under the Pizza-Porta

View under the Pizza-Porta

Adjust the unit front and back to ensure that the latch is engaged.  Lower the dome down onto the Pizza-Porta.  Pressing down on the KJ handle to compress the gasket until the Pizza-Porta retaining ring can be flipped over the latch pin of the dome.  Release the handle and the Pizza-Porta will be locked into place.  The retaining ring can be adjusted front and back with the small screws on the bracket.  Should you need to adjust the height, washers can be added or removed from the ring assembly.  Don't forget to unlatch the bottom before removing the Pizza-Porta.

Top ring engaged on the hook of the Kamado Joe

Top ring engaged on the hook of the Kamado Joe