Comments from customers:

I have had my BGE for 14 years and this was the easiest, stress free, and best pizza cook I have done. What a difference!
— Gil - Florida
My wife gave me grief when she saw it the first time. Then she tasted the PIZZA! No more complaints.
— Stephen, KY
Thanks Pizza-Porta for a new reason to love our backyard!
— Aubree - Mom with 3 kids
I didn’t think it would make that big of difference on one pizza. But after tasting the crispy crust, I am a believer.
— John - New England Egger
We are loving the Pizza Porta. It has been a game changer for a couple Chicagoans surrounded by a whole lot of NY transplants
— Tony - FL
You cracked the code with this thing. Why didn’t I think of this?
— Todd - Long-time Egger
This is the best pizza I have ever made on my “Egg”
— Joe - Texas
These are restaurant quality pies coming out of a backyard grill!
— Lee - Pizza restaurant owner
It is just simple physics - science wins again!
— Sue - Atlanta
I’m shocked at how much better a cook you get with the Pizza-Porta.  Beautiful, evenly cooked all around instead of undercooked toppings and overcooked bottom
— Tom - BBQ Blogger
With the pizza-porta it makes a normal everyday pizza taste like a fine expensive Italian pizza from Italy which most people would die for!
— Mike - Florida