Eggtoberfest 2018

Cooking at an Eggfest can be daunting. You have to be kind of crazy to sign up to cook not only for 5000 people, but for 5000 people many of whom are great at cooking on the BGE! This year I called in a few favors and had some ringers on the team. Thank you to Scott and Alicia, Mark, Tim, and my lovely wife.

One other small point is that the Eggtoberfest is so busy, that it is really difficult to stop and take pictures! We managed to get a few in here and there!

Once we set up, we lit the eggs at 9:15 sharp.

Once we set up, we lit the eggs at 9:15 sharp.

Our plan this year was not to out pace last year, but to enjoy the day cooking pizza. We thought that 60 dough balls would be a manageable number for the day.

Heating up the grill. The real boss is surveying the setup.

Heating up the grill. The real boss is surveying the setup.

The Pizza-Porta shown here is one that I keep in service. I pulled it out of the second batch of production. This particular unit has probably cooked 2000 pizzas over the last 4 years.

One of the amazing things at Eggfest is seeing so many Eggs in one place. We all have one or a couple eggs in the backyard, but how cool is it to see these scenes (thanks to Tim for his artistic eye)

2018 Eggtoberfest-10.jpg
2018 Eggtoberfest-9.jpg

We could hear the excitement building, and while we were were doing our final prep and tying down tent poles, the crowd arrived full of anticipation and empty plates. This is a fun crowd every single year!

2018 Eggtoberfest-32.jpg

The Pizzas started rolling!


We cranked them out all day!


Scott and Tim manned the oven

Here are some more candid shots throughout the day - oh that line! Thanks to everyone who braved it!

And we showed off a product that we have been working on.

2018 Eggtoberfest-3.jpg

Rockwell decided that he wanted to be the owner of the first unit when it comes off the line. We are happy to make that happen.

2018 Eggtoberfest-1.jpg

And then it was over. We served our 60 pies and then did some sightseeing before it was time to pack up and come home until next year. Thank you to my all star team, you guys really made this a fun year. Send us a note if you would like to take part next year. We may do a customer team.