Setting up the Pizza-Porta for the Kamado Joe®


I am excited to announce that I have been spending some time cooking on the Kamado Joe Classic.  The Pizza-Porta was designed to fit this grill, but the cooking characteristics and setup are a little different.  For those of you with this kamado grill, here are some comments about the fit and about cooking pizza. Setting up the grill for a high-temp cook is very straightforward - First make sure that the ashes are cleaned out.  Then, choose some large chunks of charcoal and put them in the bottom of the firebox to ensure airflow, then fill the firebox area with a full load of charcoal like this:

Kamado Joe fill




This will be good for a 2.5 to 3.5 hour cook.

Note that the deflector support is in the highest setting and that is it turned a bit to the left - you will see why in a sec.





Kamado Joe deflector




Next, place the deflectors on top of the support.






Kamado Joe Pizza Stone


Next, is the pizza stone, but it needs some sort of temperature break between the deflector and the stone.  You can use the metal grate - as shown, or pipe fitting, balls of aluminum foil or other devices to give the pizza stone a little bit of height off of the deflector.







Kamado Joe with Pizza Stone


Finally, the Pizza-Porta is placed over the pizza stone and sits around the deflector rack.  Note in this photo that the support for the deflector fits into a cutaway spot on the base of the Pizza-Porta.  You can also see in this photo that the top, stopper nuts should be adjusted all the way forward for the Kamado Joe.






You can now close the lid.

KJ lid down




This is how the Pizza-Porta should look with the lid down





Cooking on the Kamado Joe.

Keep the bottom vent and the top vent fully open until your dome temperature reaches 500 degrees.  Then, close off the top and use the vents on the Pizza-Porta and the bottom vent to moderate your temperature.  It will take longer than you want for the pizza stone to reach full temperature - be patient!  For your first pizza cook, I would recommend a 550 to 600 degree cook.  After you master pizza at this temperature you can adjust accordingly.

At this temperature, pizza will cook in approximately 5 minutes. Check and turn the pizza at about 2 minutes to make sure that the fire is even and the top and bottom are cooking at similar rates. If toward the end of 5 minutes you want the top a little bit more done, you can "dome" the pizza by holding it up inside the dome for about 30 seconds. Experiment and see what works best for your pizza taste!  Please see other sections of the website for tips and tricks of pizza making.

With a little bit of practice you will be pulling out pizzas one after another like this.



Pizza pull Kamado Joe








Thanks for reading.