pizza hack

Pizza Prep Hack


We were planning to do an event at on offsite location.  It is better to roll out dough on a granite countertop that is easy to clean and has a smooth texture.  I came up with this simple, cheap, tile solution. SONY DSC


I visited a major floor and decor tile outlet and found this large 23" by 23" ceramic tile.  As you can see it is hard to tell that it is not real marble.  The marble tiles would have worked, but this tile was less than $10.  I will bet that you could just lay this tile on your BGE table and it would be fine for years.  I am a classic over-doer so I rough cut a $12 piece of cement backer board glued it to the back and then SONY DSCused a trim bit on the router to trim it flush.


This makes a perfect surface to press out your dough right next to the Big Green Egg.  This size also leaves room for your tomato sauce, onions, mushrooms, and BBQ pork in containers around the edge.





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